PIMP CAM - CAM WHITE with your own designs - 2 Pictures and 3 x text


PIMP CAM - CAM WHITE with your own designs - 2 Pictures and 3 x text

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STATEMENTS IN ORDER the opportunity personally to label this cam through a spell for the camera back or names and date for the front of the camera or pimp here directly. If you want to pimp the cam directly please click on the white camera in the main field. But here you also have the direct way the white cam to pimp as you wish - even with your own artwork, you can upload your own. We supply: Disposable camera with flash, with branded film 400iso with 27 color images + battery, as well as your label. A fun for all ages, no guest it's boring! Individually for every occasion. The brand film backs up your irreplaceable recordings on indoor and outdoor scenes. Your guests take the photos of your ceremony, live and in color. Each guest is your photographer, you will receive images that others dream of. The camera is reloaded, for the sake of the environment! Weight = 125 g - delivery up to 40 cams per delivery. Upon delivery within GERMANY a shipping fee of 6.90 per shipment will be charged. - For delivery to other countries please visit: see SHIPPING COST. Here is the ADDITIONAL ARTICLE book! Send us pleas your own Motive/Picture in this article. Pimp now, please.

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